360 panoramic cameras can be used under water?

2016-12-05 17:00:02

Now there are a lot of photography enthusiasts, for the 360 panoramic camera are more optimistic, most fans want to have one. In particular, there are some fans want to be able to underwater world to be able to shoot down, you can take underwater HD photos. So the 360 panoramic camera can be used under water? Here is the answer to this question.

Generally speaking, the vast majority of brands of 360 panoramic camera can be used in the water, if people are worried about the camera cannot be used under water, in the time of purchase, can be directly to the staff consultation, ask whether they can be used in the water, it will have some more security.

Also, the purchase of 360 panoramic camera, if it is to be used in the water, or want to make use of time more long, avoid trouble for many problems appeared in the process of using, should choose 360 panoramic camera good quality. There are a lot of people in the consumption of the price, the price is cheap, can save their own budget expenses, but often high maintenance costs.

In fact, for the durable goods of this type of camera, the purchase should pay more attention to quality, after all, the camera is not to use one or two years to change, there may be a need to use 5 years or more. Therefore, in order to ensure the use of the age, people should choose the quality of a security camera.

For example, some large brands of cameras, like HDKing, Most of people buy this brand camera, believe that the HDKing in the quality of the products, better than some of other brands, and operation, is relatively simple. Buy HDKing, in addition to product quality assurance, but also to provide people with better after-sales service.

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