What are the highlights of 360 degrees panoramic camera?

2017-03-22 13:46:44

When it comes to camera, people may hold the opinion that smart phone is good enough to take pictures. Actually, compared with camera, the camera function of smart phone is far away from enough no matter in aspect of professionalism or appearance. Especially in 2016, the first appearance of 360 degrees panoramic camera brings much influence in the selling of normal digital cameras. Here we would like to talk with you about one of the camera brands, HDKing. What are the highlights of HDKing camera?

       The 360 degrees panoramic camera of HDKing totally renews people’s viewing experience in daily life. Through wifi connection, the 360 videos show on smart phone or tablet in real time. And the videos could be dragged freely to view every angle of the image. When using, you can choose different modes as you like to record. Normally, the 360 panoramic video recorded on smart phone doesn’t perform very well in video quality, while HDKing does very well in video quality of 360 panoramic videos. Compared with function of panoramic camera in smart phone, the video quality is more smooth and clearer because of no compression when saving the videos.

        Another great advantage of the 360 panoramic cameras is the price, which is very affordable. With easy operation, general users could use it very well. There are several modes in the camera such as Square, Halfround, Inner Rim, Aunnular, Half-Half and so on. HDKing not only designs and produces 360 panoramic cameras but also 4K sport cameras, VR and professional digital products.

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